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FOR SALE:    McCall's Pattern for Mattel Skipper (Barbie's Little Sister) Fashions
Some cut patterns, missing shorts and collar for "C"    1964


This is an original pattern for 9" Mattel Skipper doll.  Envelope states "Doll's Instant Wardrobe" as there are 8 different  fashions.     One size only, 9".  Package graphics are in good condition but envelope does show signs of rips at flap and wear at edges. Colors are vibrant.  There is an inked "X" near  a couple of the patterns and some penned numbers in the corner.  
Instruction page is included.  Some of the patterns have been cut and carefully pinned to the instruction sheet.  Appears to be almost complete but upon examining this, I believe that the collar and shorts are missing from outfit "C".  I'm not a seamstress so please, if there is something I've left out, just email me.


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