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Mrs. Beasley 1970 Paper Doll Book 
by Whitman Publishing

Item Code: 1PD-A-MRSB  ~SOLD~

This paper doll book was an "authorized edition" made in the image of  the popular little doll owned by Buffy on CBS T.V.'s "Family Affair."   The actual book is 15 1/2" tall showing her whole body but it didn't fit in my scanner.   

 This is an UN-CUT book that is totally in NEAR MINT condition.  The only reason I don't call it mint is because there are some wear spots on the outside covers (can be seen in photo above).  The inside is wonderful.  There are 6 pages of outfits.
A great items for paper doll collectors or a fun, nostalgic item for those of you who played with the Mattel doll made in her likeness.
Feel free to email me with any questions on this item.

Sample of one of her 6 pages of outfits.

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