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"Baby Beans"

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Bitty Baby Beans



This version is the little boy called
 Biffy Beans.  His cap is permanently affixed to his head.  He is so cute in his blue overalls.  I'm sure he was a favorite companion of many little boys in the early 70s.

There were several variations in the "Beans" dolls series, which were popular in the early 70s.  The dolls have vinyl hands and heads with "bean" filled bodies and limbs.  This simple Baby Beans doll was advertised as "Lots of floppy, ploppy, posing fun, snuggly and soft".  The pink Baby Beans baby (a favorite of my daughter's) measures about 12 inches tall and was made in 1970.  


I haven't seen many of these dolls around, they are somewhat hard to find.  Could be that if they developed a hole and the "beans" drained out, mothers simply threw them away.

Biffy Beans
Black Bitty Beans



The doll on the right is one of the most popular today.  She is the talking version of the Baby Beans line.  She actually sounds just like Mattel's Drowsy doll, says many of the same things.  The talking dolls are often found rather soiled because it is hard to clean them since not only do they have their "bean" filling, they have the talking mechanism, too, which should not get wet.


This is the black version of the pink Bitty Beans.  This doll has lost all but one pom-pom on her outfit, and her beans seem a bit flat.  Still the black babies are harder to find since there weren't as many made. 


Talking Baby Beans


Cry Baby Beans




This Baby Beans doll has tiny holes in her eyes like tear ducts and a hole in her mouth.  She can drink water and then cry tears.  She has a sad expression.  She came with a bottle (missing).

 This is Jeans Beans.  Tag says this doll was made by Mattel in 1974.  Non-removable denim "jeans" pantsuit with a red knit dickey and vinyl "boots".  I've been asked on a few occasions if this is a boy or girl.  My opinion is that it is a little boy because of the type of outfit (no frills), what do you think?



Such a funny face.  Bedsie Beans is ready for bed with that big yawn and sleepy eyes.  Makes me yawn every time I look at him.

Found this great red version!

Bedsie Baby Beans


Booful Baby Beans

One of the more popular beans doll is this very happy Booful Beans.  Just looking at her makes you want to smile.  I also found this interesting variation of Booful.  She is wearing the same fabric as the Talking Baby Beans but has the Booful grin and the outfit is tagged "Booful Beans".  I wonder how many of these variations are out there.  I just love finding these rare examples!

 Some of the other series include (this is not a complete list): Cuddly Beans (a larger version),  Itsy Baby Beans (8" group), Baby Beans w/Pets, Canned Beans, Storybook  Beans, and more.  
I will add more examples as I find them.


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