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"Mama & Baby Beans"

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I just love this series of the Baby Beans line.  They were marketed as Mama and Baby Beans (there was a daddy beans too).  Each doll came with her very own little baby to cuddle.  Often the played with dolls are found without their babies but many "families" can still be found intact.



  Brunette Mama Beans with her cute little baby.  I actually found both of these items separately.  Mama was in one city and baby in another.  Wouldn't it be something if they had actually been together at one time?  They sure look happy, now!

Another set of Mama and Baby Beans.  I don't know why I find these dolls so appealing.  I guess it is the mother in me.   (I added the hair bow in Mama's ponytail.)


Daddy Beans & Baby

I really have to chuckle at this one.  Made back in 1975, it looks just like my husband did, (shaggy hair, mustache, and all) when we had our first daughter.  


Another darling Mama and Baby Beans, a redhead with green eyes, and matching baby.  Soooo cute!

  At long last I found this hard-to-find African American Mama Beans doll.  She came all the way from Germany to take care of this little baby. She needed a mommy and looks quite content to be adopted.

Here is an example of a Mama Beans with twins.  I actually think she looks more like a grandma but I don't believe she was marketed that way.  I have not seen any other twins versions sold but did see a catalog reference to an African American mama with twins in a reference book.  Would love to find one of those!

Mama Beans with Twin Babies

African American Mama Beans with Twin Babies
What a find!  I actually stumbled across this very rare African American Mama & Twin Babies still in their original box!  Notice that her hair is straight.  She does not have the traditional afro hair like the other black doll above.   The babies' buntings match with the colors in mama's dress.  Sooooo very cute!

The interesting thing about this box, is that it clearly states that this is Mama and twin baby beans, yet the photos on the back only show the three white Mama's with the single babies.  No mention anywhere else about twins or any variations.  Box is dated 1975.


I believe that I have collected all of the Mama and Baby Beans dolls that were produced.  If you know of any others, please let me know.
I just love them all!!!!


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