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Bare Bottom Beans"
Baby Beans

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Bare Bottom Bitty Beans

This type of beans doll was issued in later 70s.  She has a drop seat in her p.j.s to reveal her cute little vinyl "bum".  She does not have the vinyl hands but instead her hands are cloth "mitten-like" hands.  I'm not sure if the original group all have a Bare Bottom counterpart but I have seen the yellow "Booful" as a Bare Bottom, as well.

Bippy is another in the Bare Bottom Beans series.  I don't believe she was offered in a standard version;  only in this bare bottom style.  She is tagged, but there is no name. (copyright date on neck is 1974)

A recent acquisition is this adorable Bare Bottom Booful Beans dressed in yellow.  She is still in her original box.    

The back of the box has a darling cutout window were you can see Booful's little bare bottom.  The side panel shows the variations of the Bare Bottoms dolls, along with each of their names.  Looks like there may only be three dolls with this feature.  The box is great for documenting them since their names are not on their body tags.  Box is dated 1979.


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