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Canned Beans"
Baby Beans

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Less in popularity than the regular beans dolls, but by no means less cute, were Mattel's Canned Beans Baby Beans dolls, introduced in 1974.  Touted as "Lovable little tidbits!," there were three in the series and the theme here, of course, was "edible beans."  Each came with their own clever packaging.  Along with Green Beans, above,  were Navy Beans (in blue) and Pork 'n Beans (in pink).   These little beans dolls are much smaller than their regular brothers and sisters who stand around 12".  These cuties are only about 8 1/2" from head to toe (similar to the Itsy Bitsy Beans).    The dolls have velcro-type mitten hands but were not sold with any accessory item that I know of.
There was a cute recipe on the back of the can which states:
"Add to Canned Beans dolls:
Lots of kisses
Great big smiles
2 wide-open arms
Then hug 'em tight forever 'n ever!"




I'll add more examples as I find them.


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