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"Baby Beans"
Markings, Tags, and Construction Variations

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This is a tag on one of the early Bitty Beans dolls.  Has the term Baby Beans but no mention of which one.  Dated 1970.  Doll has vinyl head and hands.  Back of neck is marked: ©1970 Mattel Inc.  Her body consists entirely of polystyrene pellets.  I have had others with nutshells listed on the tag, but none in my possession at this time.  Dolls with this type of filling are very floppy, loose, and very posable.  You can usually feel the metal neck rod inside the body.

This tag also states 1970, and is on a vinyl head/hands doll but the body contents differ from that above.  This tag also clearly states the name of this beans version.  Most "Booful" dolls have yellow p.j.s, so this is also a great identification tool to document this variation.

Again, a similar tag to that above in that the doll's name Jeans Beans is clearly identified.  This tag is dated 1974.  Contents of "stuffing" varies as well.  The head is marked ©1970 Mattel Inc. The doll with this tag has cloth "mitten" hands, but I have seen Jean Beans with vinyl hands as well.

Tag from the Mama and Baby Beans series introduced in 1975. The babies themselves were not actually filled with beans.  They are filled with a polyester fiber. Both the mama and the baby carry the same tag.  The mama's head is marked ©1974 Mattel Inc.

Hand Variations
Earliest Beans dolls had molded vinyl hands Later Beans dolls had cloth "mitten" style hands Many of the later Beans dolls have a velcro type strip to allow them to hold an object such as babies, pets, or each other.

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Some Interesting Variations
Though the above Booful Beans dolls are virtually the same, both with vinyl hands, one has white vinyl "feet" while the other is plain (also with no feet pompoms).  
Since I no longer have these dolls, I am unable to compare tags to see if there is a difference in dates.  I have seen this same type of variation in pink Bitty Beans.

Here, too, is a harder to find variation on Booful, in that she is completely dressed in a different outfit from the standard yellow.  It is the same print as the Talking Baby Beans doll, but with the traditional trim of Booful.


Jeans Beans is another where I have seen some variation in the boots and denim.  Sometimes I have found Jeans with dark brown "leatherette" boots, while sometimes they are more tan in color.  There is also a clear difference in the color of the denim between these two dolls. The one on the top is missing the appliqué rainbow logo. I have also seen Jeans with vinyl hands but do not have an example to show.

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