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Decades of Dolls

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Dolls are more than just play things.  They are pieces of art, and a little piece of history, as well.   Though I know MIB or NRFB can increase a doll's value as an investment, I can't help but feel a little sadness when I see them, because a played with doll is a loved doll.  Not only do played with dolls have some rubs and unruly hair, they also have hidden kisses and hugs that truly make them special.

My favorite part of collecting is finding some of these played with dolls in relatively good condition,  then cleaning them up and finding original clothes (or appropriate) so that they can look as close to original as they did in their glory days.

I absolutely adore all types of Vogue Ginny dolls and they were the catalyst that started my "insane hunter behavior" many years ago. However, as I began to collect and learn about Ginny's, I couldn't help but be attracted to so many others. Thus, my collection is varied.   I thought it would be easiest to view my dolls by categorizing them by the decade they were made.

Click on the balloons to travel through the decades of dolls to view my personal collection.  Since these are my personal dolls, I have tried to add an annecdote about the particular doll featured.  Visit back often because I will add new pictures as my collection grows.

Can you help me identify my mystery doll?  I have several reference books but sometimes I run across a dollie that just stumps me.   There are a lot of wonderful and knowledgeable doll people out there in cyberspace.   You just might have the answer to solve the mystery!  E-mail me and I will post the answer to share with others.

Don't forget to check out my reference page and links to other great sites. I developed the Doll Collection Connection page at in hopes that it will be a gathering place for doll enthusiasts to meet, gather information, and link to other doll related sites.  My hope is that you will bookmark it and visit back often.

I would love to hear from you.   So please, feel free to e-mail me to share your comments and suggestions.

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