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Vogue 22" Brikette
1959 - 1961

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Introduced in late 1959, Vogue's Brikette was quite comical.   The early 60s had several manufacturers showing dolls with carrot red hair, green eyes, and freckles.  This little red head was one of my original dolls.  I remember my mom fell in love with her.  I coerced her into buying her for me with the promise that I would take VERY good care of her.  I took her everywhere with me for awhile.  She even got to sleep next to me (a very coveted spot among my dolls, I'm sure), until one morning I rolled over and she poked me right in the eye with her pointy fingers!  Needless to say, she ended up at the edge of the bed from then on!
Brikette was sold as a carrot top, a platinum blonde, and a brunette (rare)All had green eyes.  They are strung dolls with an interesting pivoting waist which allows them to assume many different poses.  She has flirty eyes so she can change her expression.  Several separate outfits were available.  She was available in both this large 22" size, and a smaller 16" version.  The 16" did have a swivel waist, but did not have the flirty eyes.  Not all of the outfits were available for both sizes.




This interesting ball jointed waist and swivel neck, allows Brikette to twist and turn into several different poses.  After several years of both play and just plain time, she came unstrung and sat in my closet for years in pieces, until I took her to a doll hospital. 
I swear when I brought her home, her grin was even bigger!

A few of the outfits for the 22" Brikette:

I received my Brikette, wearing this darling sailor suit.  I don't remember if I received her in 1959 for the Christmas season, or in 1960.  This outfit was available all three years.  The doll sold in this outfit was cataloged as #8241 (outfit alone was #8441).  The hat and shoes are replacements as the originals fell apart years ago. 

This is my doll wearing a dress I found at a doll show a few years ago and it still had the cute little white gloves! This is the pink party dress available for the 22" in 1959.  I'm unclear if the dress was sold separately in subsequent years and do not know the catalog #.  (Pink hair bow and shoes & socks are replacements.)  The workmanship and attention to detail on Vogue's outfits are exceptional.
Doesn't Brikette look happy?  Every girl loves a party, right?!

I found this platinum haired doll at a doll show some time ago and she is identical to my doll in look and body structure but she does not have any freckles, nor are her nails painted.  Reference books state that Brikette was a licensed copy of an Italian doll by Ferruccio Bonomi of Milan, Italy.  It is also noted that because of Brikette's popularity, there were many imitators by companies like Jolly Toys and Roberta Dolls, to name a few.  It is possible that this doll might be one of those.  I've included her because of her likeness and if this dress is not authentic (there is no tag) it is a very good copy of one mentioned in the 1961 Vogue catalog as #86200. 

There are no markings on the doll.

The doll could be purchased dressed in this outfit (item #8150) or the outfit could be bought separately, 
(# 8350.) There should be a little white cotton bow at the waist (shoes and socks are replacements).

Outfits sold separately were priced at about $1.50.  Wow, that is less than a latte!

It's late so off to bed you go, Brikette! 

Bedtime is the perfect time to snuggle with her dolly (I've added the doll as a prop). She wears this cotton print pajama set, catalog #8330.

Brikette, ... nightie-night, but please, just don't poke anyone in the eye!



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