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"Am I cute, or what?"



Back one day in  1986, when my youngest daughter came home from her girlfriend's house, all she could talk about was Suzy's new Cricket doll.  She just had to have one too! Please, please, please!  Finally mom gave in (with some positive behavior conditions attached).  


The price was steep at the time but no regrets, my daughter spent hours with her new talkative buddy and still cherishes her today.



This is a very large 25" battery operated doll that talks and sings when a cassette tape is inserted in her back.  Along with the voice, her eyes and mouth move to the tape giving her a somewhat life-like appearance.  She is quite heavy.  


There were a few different outfits that could be purchased separately for Cricket.  Each came with a new tape with more stories and songs to go along with the theme.  This was Cricket's workout outfit, complete with sweatband.  Her favorite sayings always ended in "or what?"


Sometimes the house seemed crazy when my daughter and her girl friend both had their dolls talking at once!




This is another outfit for Cricket. If I remember correctly this was her school outfit that came with a tape that taught ABC's and counting skills.

Cricket is about 25" tall.  Her head arms and legs are vinyl and she has a cloth body that houses the tape machine.  Unfortunately she cannot stand on her own and was quite heavy for little girls to carry.  I can't remember if she came with the chair or if I had to buy it separately.  The little director's chair has her name on the back.  

Not only was this an expensive doll (original price was around $98, but she was also somewhat expensive to operate).  The tape mechanism in Cricket's back was a full-sized cassette tape player.  She took four "C" batteries and one 9Volt (for the eye/mouth movement).  Each outfit had a slit opening in the back to allow you to access the player's buttons.

These are just a few of the accessory items that can be found for Cricket;  a storybook, cook book, and the operating tapes.

In addition to Cricket, Playmates had a brother doll named Corky, and a big sister named Jill who operated in much the same way.  Cricket could also be purchased in an African American version, but I don't know if the others came that way.

To see a photo of my darling daughter with her new Cricket doll, back in 1986, click on this link to the childhood photos section of my website.  "Say Cheese!"

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