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This very pretty ballerina is Mattel's popular Dancerina, who was introduced in 1968.  She stands 24 inches tall and is a battery operated dancing doll.   I believe this size only came in a blond version.  She does lovely pirouettes when the knob inside her plastic crown is pushed or pulled.  She turns in either direction and can also dance in place on her tip-toes. 

Along with the dolls came a thin plastic record with dance music to be played on a regular record player (33 1/3 rpm).  Most dolls are usually found without this little record today.


Dancerina is becoming quite a popular collectible doll today.


Side View

Because of her success, Mattel later released a smaller 18" size doll and called her Dancerella.  She operates the same way but was dressed in a white tutu with pink trim.  I have only found the smaller one in brunette.  The very smallest version was 11" and her name was Baby Dancerina. She had a blue tutu.

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