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Favorite Dolls of the 60's

(the dolls in this section are for information only and are not for sale, check my store for current listings)

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Vinyl was the material of choice in the 60's, while wigs gave way to rooted hair. There were several popular dolls to play with and entertain us. Ginny remained in production throughout the sixties but her popularity was overshadowed by Mattel's Barbie, who dominated the market. Mechanical dolls became quite popular. For dolls to sell well now, it seemed they had to do something. They walked, they talked, they crawled, made faces, sang, danced, skated, rode bikes, etc. I remember my mother saying, "What happened to the doll you just---hugged?, Why do they all have to move?" ..... What's funny is, now, the mechanical dolls are some of the dolls I enjoy collecting from this era!

Ginny Dolls of the 60s

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Vinyl Head/Hard Plastic  Bent Knee

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Wee Imp

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All Vinyl, Made in U.S.A.

36" Ginny (Play Pal Type)




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Other Sixties Favorites

(the dolls in this section are for information only and are not for sale, check my store for current listings)

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1960 16" Madame Alexander Maggie-Mixup

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Ideal Kissy Family

Vogue Brikette
(new photos added)

barbiecl.JPG (35156 bytes)
Mattel Barbie & Friends

Mattel Baby First Step

Mattel Chatty Cathy Family

thumblcl200.JPG (30755 bytes)
Ideal Tiny Thumbelina

Ideal Newborn Thumbelina

Shindana Baby Nancy

litlkiddle200cl.JPG (35120 bytes)
Mattel Liddle Kiddle

pitifulpcl200.JPG (38565 bytes)
Poor Pitiful Pearl

tammycl200.JPG (36924 bytes)
Ideal Tammy
(and little sister Pepper, too)

Madame Alexander
 Sweet Tears

Ideal Giggles

Mattel's Dancerina

Mattel Swingy

Mattel Tippee Toes

Ideal Flatsy Dolls

Remco Beatles Dolls

Mattel Baby Small Walk

Mattel Baby Small Talk

Uneeda Dollikins

Knickerbocker Raggedy Ann & Andy Dolls

Ideal's Baby Betsy Wetsy

Vogue Baby Dear

Vogue Ginny Baby

Vogue Li'l Loveable Imp

American Doll & Toy Corp.
(American Character)

American Character Tressy
not linked yet)

Ideal Pebbles Flintstone

Mattel Drowsy

Mattel Pattaburp

Uneeda Hee Wee & Pee Wee

Mattel Timey Tell

American Character Whimsie "Hedda Get Bedda"

Rubber "Squeak Toy" Dolls

Hasbro Little Miss No Name

Play Pal Type
Companion Dolls
vogplatlacl.JPG (32903 bytes)
Vogue Littlest Angel

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