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Favorite Dolls of the 70's

(the dolls in this section are for information only and are not for sale, check my store for current listings)

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Growing hair and mod fashions seemed to dominate the seventies with Ideal's Crissy family. Another popular family of dolls was the Fisher-Price "My Friends" dolls which stayed on the market from the mid-70s through the early eighties. I have become very partial to these dolls because of their sweet faces.   Ginny's popularity was at a relatively low point in the 70s.  The rights to Vogue Ginny dolls were sold to the Tonka Toy Company and later to the Lesney Company.   They introduced a complete makeover of the doll, what collectors refer to as "the skinny Ginny," in an attempt to rekindle an interest in original Ginny owners who were now mothers themselves.  They hoped that these moms would promote the new dolls to their own daughters but these skinny Ginnys, though cute in their own right, just didn't hold the same charm as their predecessors.

Ginny Dolls

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Made in Hong Kong

Lesney "Skinny"
(and variations)

Lesney "Chubbie"

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Other Favorites:

(the dolls in this section are for information only and are not for sale, check my store for current listings)

Holly Hobbie & Friends

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Fisher-Price Dolls

Rub-A-Dub Dolly

Madame Alexander
Pussy Cat

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"Baby This 'n That"

Baby Come Back

Vogue Littlest Angel (70s) and Angel Baby

Baby Tender Love Family

Honey Hill Bunch

Mattel Baby Beans

Ideal's Crissy Family

Mattel Baby Love Notes

Shindana "Baby Zuri"

Ideal Bizzie Lizzie

Ideal Lazy Dazy

Tippy Tumbles

(Remco 1969)  (Ideal 1977)


Mattel Newborn 
Love 'n Touch Baby

Toddler Thumbelina
and Kissin' Thumbelina

Ideal Whoopsie

Mattel Baby Love Light

Mattel Saucy Doll
Ideal Tiffany Taylor

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