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Baby Dolls
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Over the years, Fisher-Price produced quality baby dolls in various sizes.  One of the most popular was, and still is, a real looking 17" doll called My Baby Beth.  We never had one of those but I do remember my daughter getting a brunette baby doll when she was about three years old.  I do not know what happened to that doll but we still have the yellow gingham outfit.  It has a Fisher-Price tag on it. It is still a mystery to me who my daughter's baby was because none of the Fisher-Price babies in my reference books, match what I remember.  Here are a few that I do have and will add more as my collection grows.

    This little doll had a very unique battery operated "voice box" unit which would make cooing sounds when the baby was gently moved.   If you stopped moving her and she laid still, she would begin to cry until you picked her up, at which time she would coo again. Quite clever but quite annoying at times, too.  There were a few nights when I was  awakened to hear her crying in the middle of the night.  (It is bad enough to have to be awakened by your child, but to be awakened by a doll!!) She was supposed to turn off if you laid her on her stomach, although there were many a time I would end up taking the battery out completely to "shut her up!"  Still, I love her dearly.

 Baby Soft Sounds


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Two years after Baby Soft Sounds was released, this darling "Susie Soft Sounds" was issued (1982).  She has the same voice box unit and outfit, but this doll had sleep eyes instead of painted eyes. 

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I've been lucky enough to acquired this darling "My Baby Beth" to add to my collection.  Original release date was 1978.  I found her in her original pink box.  She looks to have never been played with, as she is perfect. She came in her box which is quite worn. Included with each doll was a pamphlet telling how to care for her and a sewing pattern to make her an extra outfit.


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My Baby Beth

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Well, this little baby is marked #249, which according to my reference book is called Baby Ann and was released in 1981 (not to be confused with the Baby Ann in the lap sitters group). The complete title is "Baby Ann and her Care Set".  She was sold in her own infant seat (missing).  This is not her original outfit and I do not have any of her accessories. Eventually I hope to have a photo of her complete and original. 



Baby Ann

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Another cuddly infant was called "My Sleepy Baby" tagged #207, released in 1978. She has a completely cloth body and limbs with a vinyl head with rooted blonde hair and gauntlet vinyl hands.  She is all ready for bed in her non-removable p.j.s.  She has blue sleep eyes.  She came with her own soft stuffed bunny but is often found without it on the secondary market today.  
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This baby doll is called "Cuddle Bye Baby".  Available in both Caucasian (tag #4250) and African American (tag #4251). Released in 1993.  She has a very soft fiber-filled body in non-removable p.j.s,  with a weighted hard vinyl head.  Her mouth is open and she can suck her thumb of either hand.  The permanent pink headband is molded to, and painted on, her head.  Her feet are stitched together in this sitting position.  I discovered, quite by accident, that she is a musical doll.   When you pull on her legs they stretch out.  As they slowly retract back, she plays a lullaby.  Cute and cuddly.


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