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Ideal's Betsy Wetsy (Betsy Baby)

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  Betsy Wetsy was one of Ideal's long standing baby doll lines.  In the 50s, she was just as popular as Tiny Tears.  I currently only have this 1965 version.  I think that this version has a strikingly beautiful face, very pretty like the Patti Playpal/Saucy Walker group of the same time period.   She is a drink/wet doll and has those individually separated tiny toes, so characteristic of Betsy Wetsy .

She is all vinyl and only 12" tall.  This smaller size was also marketed as Betsy Baby and was available for only a short time.  She is wearing an authentic plastic bib with her name inscribed.  I found the doll and bib separately, in two totally different locations, and within two weeks of each other.  I guess she was meant to have it!  



I found another Betsy Baby in my recent travels.  She may be dressed in an original outfit but I cannot document this and there are not a lot of examples in my reference books.  

A fact that I have since learned about her is that she has a unique "sleep" feature.  When you lay her down her eyes can remain open.  If her head is gently pushed forward, (either by hand or when a bottle is put into her mouth), her eyes will slowly close.


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