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"My Buddy & Kid Sister"

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These cute freckled face dolls are part of the My Buddy doll line made popular first by Hasbro in 1985.  They are a very huggable 20" tall.  Hasbro heavily marketed to little boys that it was o.k. to have a doll, a buddy, to pal around with.  Later Playskool re-created the dolls.  The earlier ones, shown above, have removable clothing, while the later 90s dolls do not.  They wore easily identifiable overalls with the logo name "My Buddy" label stitched on.  Their T-shirts were also labeled.  My poor Buddy dolls above have lost their shoes and the blond has lost his shirt!   Both Kid Sister and My Buddy came in different hair color combinations and in an African American, version too.

To see the 90s version dolls with the non-removable clothing, click here.



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