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Knickerbocker Raggedy Ann & Andy Dolls

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25" Knickerbocker Raggedy Ann
A classic doll throughout the 20th century, Raggedy Ann and her brother Andy remain a favorite of many today.   The dominant maker of Raggedy dolls in the 60s was Knickerbocker.  They were licensed to make the dolls between 1963-1982.  Because their tags were not dated, it is often hard to tell from which exact year a doll was produced from this manufacturer.   The company released several sizes and styles making it fun to collect as many different Knickerbocker versions as possible.  Below are a few examples of these dolls that I have found from this era.

To See some older Raggedy Ann & Andy dolls from the 40s, click here.

21" Raggedy Andy
He is missing his bowtie.  His outfit is tagged on the inside seam of the pantleg.


Super tiny 7" dolls
 (I've even seen some smaller than this, though I don't have any to show.

Embraceables (or Huggables) 
These small 9" dolls are stitched together in a perpetual hug.

One of the largest at 40", this Raggedy could almost hold YOU in her lap!


This is a cute 15" Ann (popular size) in a red print variation of the standard blue/pink floral.

Raggedy Ann 15" is most often found in this more common print dress.




Another variation of color and print, I've been told that these dolls are sometimes referred to as Bicentennial Editions so they were actually made in the 70s to celebrate our country's 200th birthday! (I did see them listed in an 80s Sears catalog, so I don't know how long they were actually marketed.)


Because most Raggedy dolls were very, very well loved, it is pretty acceptable to allow them to have a few stains, lost buttons, and loose hair now and then.


On first examination, this pair of Raggedy Andy and Ann look like your typical, 16" common size 1960s Knickerbocker dolls.  However, in turning them over I discovered that they are the hard to find MUSICAL dolls! Each tag states Knickerbocker "Joy of a Toy" but there is no mention of music on the tag.  They each play a different tune.  Andy plays, "Mary Had a Little Lamb" or "A..B..C.." depending on how you look at it, and Ann plays "London Bridges Falling Down."  Finding one of these rare dolls is a treat but to find a pair in as nice of condition as these two is truly a, "Joy of a Toy!!"



These cuties were not made by Knickerbocker but I think they are so cute I wanted to share them with other Raggedy fans to show the variety of styles of these dolls.  They were made in 1991 by "The Toy Works," Macmillan, Inc.  They are bean bag dolls measuring approximately 8" tall.



Another cute version of Raggedy Ann by Macmillan Inc. 



Like the bean bag dolls above, this doll is also from 1991.  She is tagged "Little Raggedy Ann" and stands about 12"tall.   She has a cloth "rag" body with a large head made of vinyl.  Her yarn hair is bright pink instead of the traditional red. These too, have become collectible.  There is an Andy "out there" to match. 






The popularity of Raggedy Ann & Andy over the years has spilled over into lots of different collectible merchandise.  Here are a couple of examples of some of the paper dolls I have come across.


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