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Arranbee's Littlest Angel

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Arranbee (R&B) came out with a very popular toddler doll named Littlest Angel.  She stood 11" tall.  She reminds me of a Ginny only larger.  She is made of hard plastic, with bendable knees, and has a matte finish to her plastic.  She is wearing an original sun suit and sunglasses.  I added the roller skates.
Littlest Angel came with several different outfits for creative play.  Later, Arranbee sold the rights to Littlest Angel to the Vogue Doll Company.  You can see examples of her
on my 60s doll page.


Towards the end of production, before Vogue took over, R&B marketed a vinyl headed doll with rooted hair.  Her body remained the hard plastic with bending knees.  This darling little girl is dressed in her horseback riding outfit, complete with a riding crop.


Another example is this darling little girl with a cute Dutch cut hair style.  I believe the dress is an original style for this doll, as well as the center-snap roller skates.  She too has the vinyl head with rooted hair, on the hard plastic body.  She is marked R&B with a 7 below it on her neck, and R&B Doll Co. on her back.


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