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American Greetings/Kenner
"Strawberry Shortcake & Her Friends"

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First Series - Flat Hands

Dolls from L to R:

(front row)
~Strawberry Shortcake
~Huckleberry Pie
~Blueberry Muffin
~Apricot with Hopsalot

(back row)
~Apple Dumplin with Tea Time Turtle
~Raspberry Tart

These were the first dolls issued by Kenner. The dolls are identifiable by their hands which are outstretched, flat.  These dolls were issued with only a comb.  They did not have a pet, with the exception of the babies, Apple Dumplin who had a hard plastic turtle and Apricot with her bunny.   Some of the early dolls that were packaged without pets had curved hands.  There is no mention of a pet at all on the box so it is my assumption that they were "second series" dolls.  (I included Raspberry Tart who has curled hands because it was my daughter's, received in 1980, and came only with a comb.)


Dolls from L to R:
~Huckleberry Pie and Pupcake pup
~Angel Cake and Souffle skunk
~Blueberry Muffin and Cheesecake mouse
~Strawberry Shortcake and Custard cat
~Orange Blossom and Marmalade butterfly
~Raspberry Tart and Rhubarb monkey

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Dolls with Pets

  The next series of dolls were introduced each accompanied by her/his very own pet and a comb.  Their hands are in a curled position. (Lemon Meringue with Frappe Frog are missing from this grouping.)


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The Small Dolls

Dolls from L to R:

~Butter Cookie w/Jelly Bear

~Apricot w/Hopsalot (top)

~Cherry Cuddler w/Gooseberry

~Lem and Ada w/Sugar Woofer (twins in front)

~Apple Dumplin' w/Tea Time Turtle (back)

These were the "babies" offered along with the regular sized dolls (5 1/2").  They measure 3 1/2".  They were offered throughout the line but the twins, Lem and Ada, came out a little later.


Dolls from L to R:
(Front row)
~Angel Cake w/Souffle
~Cherry Cuddler
~Apricot w/Hopsalot
~Butter Cookie
~Strawberry Shortcake
(Second Row)
~Orange Blossom
~Cafe Ole
~Lemon Meringue w/Frappe
~Mint Tulip
~Blueberry Muffin
~Almond Tea
(Back Row)
~Crepe Suzette w/Eclaire
~Raspberry Tart w/Rhubarb

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Strawberry Shortcake had many friends
added throughout the years.

Over the few years that Strawberry Shortcake was produced, many "yummy" friends were added to the series which makes collecting them today a fun challenge.  The above is by no means a complete representation of all of the dolls.  The series prior to the Party Pleasers was promoted as Strawberry's international friends.  Almond Tea from China and Crepe Suzette from France are two examples shown.  


~*~The Purple Pie Man
w/Berry Bird


Sour Grapes
w/Dregs the snake

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The Evil Villians

The wonderful sweet world of Strawberry Shortcake and all of her friends could not be complete without "the bad guys".   These two were always trying to ruin the fun but their efforts were constantly foiled.


This is an example of a few dolls that are NRFB (never removed from box)  The boxes were very colorful and gave a lot of information on them about the dolls and other items that were currently available.  Notice that Huckleberry (center) in an earlier doll.  His window is smaller and he does not come with a pet.



Back and sides of boxes



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