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These are dolls that need a little help but would still love to have a hug or two.  Can you find it in your heart to give them a second chance?

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Here is the chance to give a home to a needy doll.
For one reason or another, they won't be able to make it on the "A" list but certainly could use some love just the same.  Here are dolls that don't mind if you find them new clothes, or give them a new "do".  Or maybe they just aren't part of the popular crowd.  When they hear the word MINT they say, "Yes please, with milk."  They have no idea that they aren't perfect.  Or, maybe you have a child who would like to take care of them.  Or, perhaps you don't want your kids (grandkids) to overly "love" your precious dolls.  There might even be some real treasures in here.
Bottom line, these dolls just want to be loved again.

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Click on each picture for more photos and details.

SC-I-VELHere is a cute Ideal 15" Velvet (Crissy's little cousin).  Her body is in overall great shape, but  it is pretty obvious that her base hair has been cut.  Her long ponytail still grows and retracts but the hair itself is a bit frizzy.  Still she would have a lot of potential if she were dressed in some mod 70s clothes. $8.00
SC-AC-TRESThis is American Character's Tressy doll from the early 1960s.  No hair growing key.  Base hair may have been cut?  Her prior mommy drew on a bathing suit with magic marker and I tried to get this off, but it seems it is permanent.   So, I have given her this era appropriate dress and little blue purse.  It looks very Barbie style but there are no tags inside.  Unfortunately I didn't have any shoes to fit her.  She is very fashionable despite her problems.$15.00

If you have questions about the items on this page, please email me and put the word QUESTION in the subject line.
I will try to answer all questions in a timely manner. 

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Please Note:  All items being sold are sold, AS IS and I have tried to give an accurate description of each item.  I want you to be happy with your purchase so I invite you to ask questions before placing your order. One must assume that unless described as MINT IN BOX, most vintage items will show some signs of age or wear.  It is never my intention to misrepresent an item.  Though I do know a lot about different types of dolls,  I do not profess to be an expert in all dolls.  Therefore I may miss something in my description that is very important to you as a collector.  Please make sure you email me (click on any animated mailbox) and I will be happy to answer your questions to the best of my ability.  All sales are final.  California residents will be charged 7.75% sales tax.  International buyers MUST have a PayPal account and must use PayPal for their purchase.  Because the postal systems of some of our international visitors aren't as reliable as the good old USA, I cannot be responsible for lost packages.  International buyers must purchase at their own risk.  USA purchasers are advised to purchase postal insurance on items over $100.00 but this is entirely optional and will be offered at time of payment details.

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